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We as the professionals at Hirsche Recovery understand and are specifically trained in the best ways to communicate important information to your loved one. 

We take pride in our unique ability to look outside the box, and work hard to be a bridge of care between all parties. Weather you are  seeking a intervention, or support through our coaching, or consulting programs. 

We first and foremost are truly genuine about helping assist you or your family in formulating a positive recovery experience. 

Contacting Hirsche Recovery is the first step in what can be a long road to recovery. 

We will be right by your side, ensuring the best possible support and outcome to a more fulfilling happy future.

Cy him self is in Recovery and truly is an example of what does work and that change can happen. He has worked in the substance abuse area for 10 plus years. He truly is an expert in understanding what you and your loved ones are going through. 

Julie Hirsche has lived with and helped people for over 15 years . More recently ,Working with Cy to help support addicts and their families . For the last 6 years.  We’ve traveled all over the country to help support those in their critical time of need . I love the individual care that we offer and the insight both Cy and I have to help create solutions for both the afflicted and their family and loved ones. 

 The information and the wisdom we offer truly is above and beyond what you would normally encounter. We both believe in hearing you out and getting to know you! We want to help you find happiness and freedom. 

Some things we hear most often from our clients and their families written below. When we try to do this on our own,  "it just hasn’t worked." 

“Every time I went to treatment, I never went for myself". It never worked" "Not only has Hirsche recovery helped-me , they also changed my families ideas on this dis-ease and has helped support me and hold me accountable and responsible, allowing me to own my inner darkness,  for the first time in my life. To finally find happiness in recovery.”

Kelli K

We have helped bring happiness and success back to people who have truly been at their breaking point. Being a interventionist and coach lets me share the knowledge I have 

gained over the years of living with and understanding this disease .

 I believe This work increases the long-term likelihood of your loved one remaining sober, as well as the family healing and getting better, too. 


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